Our Specialties


Reverse Mortgages & Hard Money Lending

Complete Done For You Financing

When The Banks Turn You Down Turn To Us.

Our Specialties

We know about private lending and specialize in deals no one else wants to do, can do or has even thought of.

Why? Because we think outside the box.

We take into consideration what YOU need from beginning to end.

We can help you if you can not find funding through the traditional bank route. We are experienced with all types of private lending transactions.

For example:

– We can offer privately funded mortgages

Help for Hurricane & Flood Victims

– Offer FREE Consultation for Eldercare financing and other funding needs

– We have experienced Equity Partners for Joint Venture projects

– We have seasoned contractors and builders to handle renovations, repairs and new installations

– We work on both commercial AND residential properties. We can handle any deal from $100,000 to 50 million.

If you need a [private lending] loan at any point during the real estate buying, selling or construction stage give us a call.

Email: admin@realpropertymoney.com

Bob Anselmo – 516-850-1399

Real Estate Deal Coordinator & Expert

When The Banks Turn You Down. Turn To Us.


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