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Our number one goal is to help your clients. Since we’re a group of private lenders we don’t have the same restrictions as a bank.

This means we can be more flexible with our deal co-ordination process. We play by the rules and only deal with those who do as well. We’re solid, knowledgable, independent deal makers.

We’ve been around awhile and have put together one-of-a-kind deals no one else has. Tap into our experience.

If you’re an agent, real estate lawyer, accountant, mortgage broker, financial planner or other type of financial expert and have a client in a tough position… we may be able to help.

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Builders and Investors: This includes all contractors, all types of real estate investors, fix and flippers, renovation specialists etc…

If you need a bridge loan, spec loan or experienced help in the construction of residential or commercial properties we have the expertise and finances to help.

Individuals: We help people who’ve been caught in a storm… literally. If you’re home has been damaged by a hurricane we can help. We can fill the gap where the insurance companies either can’t or won’t.

If you or a client have financing needs and the banks won’t help… CONTACT US.

Email directly at: admin@realpropertymoney.com

Bob Anselmo – 516-850-1399

Real Estate Deal Coordinator & Expert